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Wipro Smart LED turns your home into a party lounge, a mini movie theatre, an office, a yoga class, even a camping spot for your kids! It's 16 million color combinations create mood lighting suitable for every occasion. But you don't have to be in the house to do this. These smart LEDs are Wi-Fi enabled so you can switch them on or off, control their brightness or set a timer while being in your car. Or Google, Alexa can do that for you.


Controlled with Wipro Next Smart Home app


Wi-Fi enabled


No hub/gateway required


Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT


Dimmable LED with 16 million shades of RGB light


Can be grouped with other bulbs to operate them together.


Set a timer or a schedule

Quick Start

lighting lighting

STEP 01:

Download the Wipro Next Smart Home App from App Store or Google Play. Be sure to register your account there.

1 After downloading the app, select your country code and enter your mobile number.

2 Enter the OTP we send you on your registered mobile number, set your password and you'll be all set to log in.

lighting lighting

STEP 02:

Fit your Wipro LED Smart Bulb.

1 Place the device into the B22 bulb holder.

2 Turn it ON.

lighting lighting

STEP 03:

Add the device to your account on the Wipro Next Smart Home App.

1 Tap “+” at the top right corner.

2 Select “Lighting Devices” from the given options.

3 After the bulb flashes, tap “Next Step”. If the bulb isn't flashing, turn it off and on for three times until it does. Then, tap “Next Step”.

4 Once the device is connected, the “Added Successfully” message will appear on screen.

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