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Experience the Innovations

Wipro's LEDs are designed to enhance the mood and personality of any space. Get a glimpse of the transformation by choosing any of the given spaces below.

Wipro's Thought LED-ership

Built keeping your needs in mind, Wipro LED’s are known to deliver unrivalled performance. Here are our top reasons why you should switch to Wipro LED.

customized lighting solutions customized lighting solutions customized lighting solutions

The Light Guide

Find handy tips, light guides and much more to help you bring your home to life.

Get Expert Solutions

Switch to the world of LED, by getting expert advice from the comfort of your home.

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See how our in-house Lighting Experts transformed empty spaces to recreate their vision of theperfect home and office.

Mantri Primus, Bangalore

Hospitality Case Study

Mantri Primus, Bangalore - Decorative Light Product

Our design experts took on a challenge to design a lighting plan for well known builder Mantri .. See how


Here's how you can spark your imagination and get inspired to light up your dream home.

Unwind in a relaxing bedroom
A bathroom for every mood
 A modern kitchen

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