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Garnet 22W Colour Changing Batten

Garnet 22W Colour Changing Batten

A tricolour LED Batten that changes the ambience of your room to suit your mood. Its three shades of white compliment your room at different times of the day.

850.00 INR
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606.00 INR
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What makes the Wipro Garnet 22W Colour Changing Batten the best in class lighting solution? Here are the top features

1High performance non-yellowing diffuser gives spot free life

2Robust driver with wide voltage range 100-240VAC and inbuilt protection

3Wall Mounted, protected from dust and insects

4LM80 tested high brightness LED technology


Want to know how your chosen Wipro LED lighting solution enhances spaces? Click below to find out.


Code D532200
Wattage 22
Colour Temp. (K) 6500|4000|2700
Lumens (lm) 2200
Voltage (VAC) 240
Length 1136

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