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In our commitment to sustainable handling of the environment, we at Wipro Enterprises (P) Ltd have developed our own mechanism to recover the environment against E-Waste.

We have rolled out an e-waste disposal mechanism at all our branches across India. We aim to reach out to employees, consumers, distributors & retailers making them aware of correct E-Waste disposal practices.

The Collection Boxes are designed to clearly indicate their purpose prominently, and accordingly placed in all our Branch Offices across India clearly encouraging employees, consumers, distributors & retailers at large to deposit their end of life/fused Compact Fluorescent Lamps & Fluorescent Tube Lights wrapped delicately with paper to ensure the non-emission of the hazardous substances.

All these collection boxes will advertise “Put all your End of Life/Fused Compact Fluorescent Lamps & Fluorescent Tube Lights in Wipro's E-Waste Collection Box”.

Be part of Wipro's initiative to save the environment responsibly.

How do we recycle?

The diagram below outlines our E-Waste disposal process. Simply drop off your product(s) at any of our 25 locations and let us do the rest!

Find your nearest Wipro E-Waste Disposal centre

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