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5 Common Lighting Mistakes

The lighting in your home needs as much thought as the color or the furniture you choose if not more. Lighting can bring a space to life. So what do you do when you have no clue? Interior decorators and lighting experts over the years have come up with a few do not do list. Here’s what not to do while choosing the lights and maybe you could avoid these common mistakes too:

Using only one type of light

There are 3 categories of lights – Ambient, Task and Accent lighting. Sometimes people only use one of these three. This makes the room look very flat and can cause inconvenience most often. For example, if you use only ambient lighting in your living room, it might end up looking like a retail store, an institution or even an industrial area.

Installing lights on a high ceiling

Putting recessed lighting on a high ceiling wouldn’t work very well because the light is far from the activity area and isn’t focused enough. It can turn a naturally bright room into a dimly lit dungeon after sunset. The key to avoiding this is by dividing the space into 3 parts also called as the Rule of Thirds. For example, while decorating a living room with a high ceiling you should divide it into 3 parts. The first one is the ceiling itself, the second is where you hang wall art and the third is the floor and furniture. Use hanging pendant lights or chandeliers for the ceiling, scones for walls and lamps for the floors.

Ignoring the importance of task lighting

Task lighting is extremely important as it helps put focus on certain chosen areas, the kitchen being one of them. They help avoid shadows and mishaps. Lights on the kitchen countertops or track lights pointed in different direction might help you achieve a focused source of lights.

Making the bathroom/vanity too bright

It is a common mistake people make while lighting their bathrooms/vanity. Ceiling lights in a bathroom tend to create shadows while you are close to a bathroom mirror. This could cause a problem while you are applying makeup, tweezing or shaving. To correct this, the lights need to be installed at an eye level ensuring that no shadows get cast. Scones on the mirrors or task lighting on the side walls will illuminate the space and still make it look bright and clean.

Improper selection of dimmer switch

The dimmer switch is something every home should have in almost all the rooms. As the name suggests, it helps you dim the lights according to the required mood. Dimmer switches help you conserve light bulbs for longer by reducing the stress put on incandescent and halogen bulb filaments. They help make a room look more inviting and make the atmosphere relaxing while improving your sleep cycles during bed time.  

Getting the lights right in your home is a difficult task, but it isn’t that difficult if you have the right products.

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The Perfect Guide to buying the Perfect Light Fixtures

Do I put recessed lights or pendant lights in my living room? Is it okay to put chandeliers in the bedroom? Am I putting too many lights? There are so many questions to be answered when you’re remodeling your home or if you have a blank canvas of a new home.  You’re spoilt for choices, and with so many options there is a high chance of things going wrong. 

To make your life simple and help you choose the right lights, we have created the perfect guide to help you choose the ideal light for the perfect place. Read on to know more.

Ceiling lights

Looking for ambient lights that will illuminate or brighten a room by itself? End your search with Ceiling light fixtures. They are best used in spaces where you need clear and unobstructed lighting such as the living room, bedroom or even your kitchen.

Wall scones

Wall scones can be used as task or even ambient lighting. They are attached to the wall and throw light in an upward or downward direction. They tend to give the designated space, a sleek and polished look. They are most often used in bathrooms, hallways, or living rooms.


Ideal when you want to add a dash of royalty & elegance while lighting up your space. These ambient lights are extremely versatile and can be fixed in different rooms based on the purpose. They also come in a variety of styles you can choose from while decorating your room.


Want to hit the spotlight on your favourite piece of décor or light up the corner of a room? Pendant Lights known as Task Lights are built for this purpose. They can be used to enhance objects or the corner of a room. For example, art work, pool table or even plants.                         


Recessed lights are a hidden source of light. They are most often installed within a hollow opening in the wall or ceiling. Giving the illusion of light shining from a hole in the ceiling.          


Lamps can be fixed or free standing units used for task or accent lighting.  They come in varied options, and are mobile source of lights. It’s the easiest way to spruce up an area by adding a lamp or two. There are floor lamps, desk lamps, wall lamps, and many more. It can be used in any part or corner of the room that you’d want to brighten up.        

Track lighting

Most often placed in a linear arrangement that resembles a track, they are perfect for task or accent lighting. It can be an anchored or suspended fixture from the wall. It can be used in small rooms to make the room look like a bigger space. They can be installed in kitchen islands to help you perform your tasks better.

Cove lighting 

Used as an ambient light, Cove lighting can be used when you don’t want a visible source of light, and still need a dimly lit up room but not harsh brightness. It is placed in the groves of wall edges, and throws light in an upward direction. It is best when used in bedrooms. 

Soffit lighting

Give your space a dramatic look with this task & ambient light. It directs the light in a downward direction and gives the wall a wash of light. It can be used on kitchen counters, or on hallway walls to give the wall a nice wash of light.                       

Hope this guide to the perfect lighting has helped clear your doubts, and will help you choose the ideal light fixtures for your rooms.

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The 3 Layers of Good Lighting

Have you ever walked into a room and felt that everything was well harmonized? Where you could see, every little element beam its own character. That’s the magic a smartly lit home could evoke.

So, what’s the key behind getting it right? The trick is to find that balance in your desired space while playing with the lights and shadows. There are 3 basic types of lightings that are considered as the building blocks of a space by Architects & Interior Designers world over. They are – Ambient, Task and Accent lighting. If you layer these three the right way, you’ll see the magic happen.

Now before you throw us your 4 Q’s – What, why, where & how, we’ve got them covered below.


Also known as general lighting, it is used to brighten up spaces where you carry out daily activities, uniformly. It’s the perfect lighting for catching up with your family after a long hard day at work, for watching some good old TV in the living room or for business meetings held in your offices’ conference room. You can’t imagine any of these spaces with shadows or dimly lit lights during these moments. 

The Wipro Downlight & Flat Panel ceiling light range are designed specially to provide you with a uniform & bright home and are the perfect choice for Ambient Lighting.


Task, if taken in the most literal form could be – A light with a task. It is used to illuminate a particular area to help you get your work done in utmost clarity. For example, you need a steady and focused source of light on the platform of your kitchen, or for your reading room/ office, task lighting will help you perform better.          

Wipro Spotlights can be used on your kitchen counter tops & in wardrobes or Wipro LED Table Lamps for your office desk are built to help you with your tasks.


Accent lighting is used when you want to accentuate high points of your space or to create a mood in a desired space. It is used to highlight artifacts, plants, water bodies, bookshelves, or pictures. Accent lighting is the last step to layering lights and can be used as warm lights that accompany Ambient or Task lighting.     

Accent lighting subtly adds that glow and gives you that warm cozy feeling if done the right way. You can use Wipro range of table lamps, stripe lights, or small candle bulbs.

Now that you know the tip and tricks that will help you redefine your home, it’s time for you to add the magic to your interiors.

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Home Lighting 101

I want to buy lights for my drawing room, what is the ideal bulb wattage I should consider buying? Lumens. What are Lumens? The light I bought the other day only covers one part of my room. Why! Which light should I choose for which room? We’ve all encountered such doubts during the need of the hour, especially when our lights require replacement. 

Quite often, we downplay the importance of Good lighting and how it can easily make or break our homes interiors. But before we set out to brighten up our homes interiors, we believe it is important to understand and learn the key basics to Good Lighting. 

Here’s all you need to know to brush up your knowledge:

1. Why Choose LED lights over conventional lights?

LEDs have proven to last for up to 50,000 hours in comparison to CFLs. And if that’s not enough, they are great when it comes to energy saving which is almost 50%. With no mercury in them, they are eco-friendly lighting solutions that do not emit harmful UV and IR radiations.

2. Watts & Lumens aren’t the same. 

Yup, you’ve read that right! It is the most common mistake we all make. Wattage is the amount of energy a light source uses. While Lumen is the measure of the total amount of visible light to the human eye from the light source i.e a bulb or a batten. 

So, every time you go out to buy yourself a bulb, you should ideally check for Lumens. 

3. How much light will I need?

Most often, before deciding how many lights do you require to light up a room, you need to measure the amount of light output needed in a given area. Lux is one such measurement that helps us do just that. It is most often used by interior designers and architects while creating a home layout. If you are wondering how you can measure the lux of your desired space, it can get quite tricky. So to help you sail through it, we have broken it down into parts to make it easier for you. 

One lux is equal to total lumen falling on a unit surface area (Sq.m). As per Indian Standards, every household requires a certain amount of lux, which you can find in the table below - 


100 lux

Reading Room

300 lux


250 lux

Hall/ Living/Dining

150-200 lux


100 lux


100 lux

Store Room

100 lux


100 lux


50 lux


100 lux


Calculation Example:

Bed room dim: 10’x10’ =>area= 100 sq. ft = 10 sq. meter. (approx.)
Required illumination :  100 lux (lumen/sq. m)

Total lumen required= required illumination X area of the room = 100lumen/sq. mX10 sq. m = 1000 lumen

If we are using 9W Wipro Garnet Round Panel light fixture emitting 630 lumen each , then no. of fixtures required be approximately

= 1000/630 ~ 2

Note: This is an indicative figure. Actual no. fixtures to be installed must be at least 30% higher than the obtained result to incorporate light losses in the ambient.

4. Which Light to apply where?

There are 3 types of Light Layers and each have a different application purpose: 

  • Ambient or General Lighting An even application of light throughout the space. Eg: Wipro Downlights
  • Task Lighting Light needed to adequately perform a task. Cabinet lights or kitchen platform lights. 
  • Accent or Decorative Lighting Light that adds interest to the décor or architecture. Eg: Wipro Spotlights or Wipro LED Downstrip Lighting.                                                    

Now that you know the basics to Perfect Lighting, it will be easier for you to select the right light for the right room.

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